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Often I write mails but I need to send them later, maybe I want to send birthday letters or at the end of week I want that my clients will receive mails on Monday morning. I tried to find some solutions but for all I need to have my computer running or there are other solutions like Boomerang or Sidekick but there is a problem, a big problem with privacy – you need to grant read and write permissions to your GMail account.

Send Gmail Messages Later

If you don’t want to give access to third-party applications to your mail account and at the same time you need to schedule mails, there is an alternative.

With GMail Crons you can compose all the emails that you would like to be delivered later, let them save in Draft and specify the date when you want them to be delivered. The messages will be delivered later at the specified time by Google Scripts.

The GMail Crons is available for download and let’s schedule mails that are sent hourly, daily, weekly or monthly and it’s very easy to use, also you can opt for one-to-one support.


Setup GMail Cron for message schedule

Setup GMail Cron for message schedule in your mail account is easy, you can follow this steps or you can view the detailed video tutorial here.

Your draft messages that you need to schedule for later sending can have rich text formatting, attachments and even  in-line images. Make sure you included the recipient’s emails address in the TO field of the draft emails.

  1. Make a copy of GMail Cron to your Drive account ( you will receive link after payment ).
  2. In top menu choose GMail Cron and grant the necessary permissions.
  3. Go again to top menu and choose GMail Cron and select Fetch Messages to import Draft messages from your GMail account into Google Sheets.
  4. Set the scheduled date and time for individual messages in column D of the sheet. You can double-click a cell and use the date picker or you can manually enter the date and time as mm/dd/yyyy h:mm:ss in 24 hour format.
  5. Go to Gmail Cron -> Schedule Messages and run the scheduler. You can close the spreadsheet and it will send messages at the specified time automatically.

Please do note that once an email message has been scheduled, you should not edit the corresponding Gmail draft message else it will be removed from the queue. If you wish to edit the draft or need to change the delivery time once the messages have been scheduled, you can fetch the drafts again and reinitialize the queue.


I don’t have very good English skills but I tried to record a video tutorial:

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